Avijit Roy’s birthday
September 12th, 2016 at 7:05 pm
Avijit Roy’s birthday

Dhaka – Followers, friends and relatives remembered slain Bangladeshi-born US writer Avijit Roy on the occasion of his 43rd anniversary of birth on Monday.

Roy, the founder of Mukto-Mona blog, was hacked to death on February 26, 2015 on Dhaka University campus when he along with his wife Rafida Ahmed was leaving the annual Bangla Academy book fair.

He advocated for freethinking, rationalism, skepticism, atheism, humanism and secularism mainly for Bengali and other South Asian descents.

Roy moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2006, and worked as a computer engineer. Roy published eight books in Bengali language.

Roy was the founder of the Bangladeshi Mukto-Mona (freethinkers) website which was one of the nominees of The Bobs (Best of Blogs) Award in the Best of Online Activism category.

Islamic militant organization Ansarullah Bangla Team (an ISIS, Al-Qaida oriented Islami Jihadi group) claimed responsibility for the attack. Bangladeshi authorities have still been investigating the case.