Army troops continue to support people amid Covid-19 pandemic
August 30th, 2020 at 1:56 am
Army troops continue to support people amid Covid-19 pandemic

Dhaka – Soldiers have been continued to serve the people with relief goods in different parts of the country as economic condition of many low-income group of people turned vulnerable because of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The government deployed the army troops to aid the civil administration to handle the crisis stemmed out of the pandemic in March.

They are still working relentlessly to create awareness among the residents about the Covid-19 which infected more than 3000,000 with more than 4,000 deaths across Bangladesh.  

Troops are seen talking to people on the wayside in southern Jhalokarhi town to create awareness about the Covid-19 pandemic. Photo credit ISPR

According to an ISPR photograph, the army troops were seen distributing relief goods at the doorstep of the low-income group people in southern Jhalokathi district on Friday.

Bangladesh detected the first three cases of novel coronavirus on March 8. The troops were deployed across Bangladesh to ensure social distancing less than a week after the first death from the virus was reported on March 18.