August 1st, 2020 at 12:22 am
ANNOUNCEMENT! is pleased to announce that to mark the month of mourning two books by eminent journalist, writer and researcher Mr. Afsan Chowdhury and ruling Awami League leader Engineer Nazmul Ahsan Sheikh will be serialised every alternate two days to end in December, 2020.

The two books are Mr. Afsan Chowdhury’s “Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Bangladesh and Bangladesh – The Quest for a State (1937-71)” and “1971 Bhitore Baire – Shooter Shandhane” by Nazmul Ahsan Sheikh. would like to convey grateful thanks to the writers along with their respective publishers — Srabon Prokashoni and Jagriti Prokashoni for permitting us to serialise the books on our web portal exclusively.

 We are sure the readers will know in depth issues of interest from the books.

Thank you