ANALYSIS: Al Jazeera & All The Prime Minister’s Men
February 15th, 2021 at 1:24 am
ANALYSIS: Al Jazeera & All The Prime Minister’s Men

by Omer Selim Sher in Ottawa

Al-Jazeera has released a documentary titled “All the Prime Minister’s Men”. Many ordinary people believe that Al-Jazeera is always in favour of the Razakars. They are unanimously blowing everything up by saying ‘conspiracy, fake, conspiracy’, fabricated ’and so on.

It is a despicable birth attempt to discredit Bangladesh. Convicted and fugitive convicts in Bangladesh took part in it. It is impossible to summarize because there is no such thing as material devotion. Since this channel has already taken a vow to make Bangladesh smaller, I demand that its broadcasting and if there is any bureau in this country, it should be banned.

Bangladesh Army, BGB, RAB, Police Chief should be the man of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh; There is nothing new in this but there is something good.

Personally, I am a staunch opponent of military-civilian bureaucratic violence. The society is scared, the priest for Janaza could not be found but the civil admin, police, RAB, army have reached the doorsteps of the people.

Yes, they are all Prime Minister’s Men, they have dealt with the disaster under his single leadership. We need the Prime Minister and her men for disaster response and sustainable development.

Talking about some of the inconsistencies in Al Jazeera’s presentation, let’s see point by point:


The whole documentary is based on the statement of Haris Ahmed. He claims that ministers dance to his words. He claims that the RAB-police get a share of his money, gossiping about his words. But where is the proof!If someone claims something, it is not proved. Many paupers on the streets can even walk around as the country’s president. But he is not the president of the country.

At one point while talking to Sami, he called a DGFI official. But on the other end, no evidence was found. If RAB-police gets a share of the money, how does it go to which account, to which country? At least the other side should have shown some evidence that Haris Ahmed is actually involved in corruption, according to him.

I did not see any evidence that Harris was directly conspiring or transacting money with any government official, high-ranking politician or military official.


Army Chief General Aziz Ahmed is very powerful, he runs the whole country. But then his influence will be widespread in the Awami League as well. In that case, why did the army chief of Bangladesh ask for help for his brother from the almost unknown ‘Samir’ in Hungary when there are so many zealous Awami League leaders in Europe!

I realized that there is no embassy in Hungary. In many other countries of the world, including Italy-France-America-Canada, it was very easy to give the responsibility to someone trustworthy. But why Hungary, why Sami? Who is Sami?


What is the source of the millions of Euros mentioned in the business in Hungary and Paris? In this case too, only word of mouth has spoken of huge money transactions in exchange for getting government jobs. But where does this money come from? From whom? Where is the paper or the search for it?


General Aziz himself has emailed Sami with life threatening. Many other documents were shown, but the original email was not shown. A country’s army chief is threatening a man living directly in Europe. This allegation is very serious. As a result, the email should have been shown to make it more credible.


Anis Ahmed has bought a property in his own name in Kuala Lumpur, it is surprising. He is also alleged to be using embassy protocol. But where is the statement of the embassy! A fugitive is walking around with the tip of their nose, and they are giving proper protection. Why? At whose behest or instruction? Malaysian police do not know anything about him?


The pictures of Harris and Anis joining the wedding ceremony of General Aziz’s son have been shown around in different places. But they were not seen anywhere in the wedding videos that were shown. The fact that the pictures and videos are of different occasions can be understood only by looking at the bride and groom’s dress. As a result, a very messy sequence of mehendi-wedding- reception etc. has been created. The President’s presence at the army chief’s son’s wedding is presented as if the President knew there were two fugitives there. There is no way to understand whether it is real or not by looking at pictures and videos.


Similarly, several times attempts have been made to prove with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as a bodyguard that they are still close to the Prime Minister. But many things can be indicated in this way, what is the evidence?

I was expecting bigger evidence than indicated in such a large investigation. An audio recording was heard, in which the prime minister expressed his gratitude for the past support of General Aziz’s brothers. But is there any evidence that Harris has come to the conclusion that “the Prime Minister has given him the license to do whatever he wants” other than his own claim?


Those who were videotaped on hidden camera all the time, should have been confronted on public camera after the investigation was over. Harris, Anis would say something when he saw the journalist, or he would run away. After two years of searching, it seemed a bit strange to say ‘they were contacted but could not be reached’ after filming on a hidden camera.




There has been talk before about buying spyware from Israel. Governments around the world have reportedly bought technology to monitor their own people and their opponents. As a result, no one will believe the phone conversations that are published in Bangladesh for days on end, even if they say that there is no such technology.

But who are the people shown by Al-Jazeera? Two Israeli surveillance experts came to Hungary to meet with four army officers. There again an Irish contractor had such a secret conversation in front of a civilian named Sami, Sami took out a recorder and recorded it!

So much secret talks about spying on people should be openly ridiculed? Looking at Europe, maybe no one wanted to be so careful, it could be. Besides, I could not find any other reason.


Passport forgery, other paper fraud, money laundering, etc. can be punished in Hungary and France. But even if an expert talk about it, I don’t know what the Hungarian police or the administration is doing about it. Where money transactions are closely monitored, how can such a big scam be avoided by the government?

There are more inconsistencies in the report, but it beyond the scope of this article to illustrate all of them.

I will conclude with following remarks. Until a decade ago, the army was very much paired with the anti-Bangladesh forces including BNP Jamaat, one misdeed after another has been committed. In the last one era, when the old scoundrels who returned from the army to Pakistan have left, the young officers of the army are 100% the generation of Bangladesh, then the army has also become their eyesore.

It is not at all unbelievable that the army chief’s brother would want to take unfair advantage of XYZ by claiming to be Sheikh Hasina’s man. It is unbelievable that Sheikh Hasina was involved in this without any solid evidence.

Corruption is not a new problem of Bangladesh; corruption is not a problem of this regime either. But the huge financial activity that is taking place in this regime is unprecedented, and the risk of corruption is high. At the same time, it is also true that the motives of all those who bring allegations of corruption are not honest. An example of this is the allegation of corruption against the Padma Bridge.

The allegations against the army chief’s brothers are not a huge discovery by Al Jazeera. At least a year ago there was news about this, almost everyone knows. Sheikh Hasina is the target of a new twist on Al Jazeera with huge hype due to the efforts of David Bergman. Sheikh Hasina is a big corruptor. Another item of weeping for the world class and the fake educators of democracy is to say goodbye to Sheikh Hasina.

These efforts are not new. Twelve years have passed since all this. Rather, an archive can be made of how many attempts have been made to overthrow the government in the last twelve years.


Omer Selim Sher is a retired Professor of Economics at Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada, and a researcher on South Asian politics.