American society and politics
June 16th, 2020 at 9:53 am
American society and politics

by Tariq Hamid Khan  ;

The communal wars in American society are believed to be created by American government agents. One cannot spot them, they look and act like ordinary persons. They are strong Republican Party supporters; they work to manufacture hate against Democrats, Democratic Party. These types of subversive activities have been going in American society for a long time especially since the 1960s. That’s why American society has changed unthinkably over the last fifty years. Unbelievably, the assassinations of JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King Jr, were carried out the same way. Republican Party hated RFK. That’s why people today still debate about those assassinations. Even the assassination of Malcolm X was carried out the same way.

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There is not much proper knowledge about Marx and Engels’s philosophy in American society. Lot of incorrect information about Marx and Engels is circulated to create false ideas about Marxism, communism, and socialism.  Traditionally, these ideas have been part of leftist political parties.

By spreading, circulating false ideas about these philosophies, hate has been manufactured against many leftist parties, including Democrats, and including groups, associations that try to do anything important for the American people. Many meaningful programs of the Democratic Party were ruined by the Republicans, by labeling them as socialism, as communism, as communist ideas, as socialist ideas.

The term Liberalism has suffered the same fate. Liberals are frequently labeled as communists and socialists.

American government began this program against Marx and Engels after the WW II. The British informed the American government that if America was to remain an imperial power then it better do something about Marxian philosophy, because Marx and Engels are imperialism’s worst enemies.

Since the 1890s the British government began to seriously notice Marx and Engels. British government created Zionism in the 1890s to destroy Marx and Engels, their philosophy, their ideals, their entire existence. Since the 1950s American government began a campaign against Marxian philosophy by creating lies about communism not allowing anyone to own property especially businesses.

Nowhere in the Communist Manifesto does Marx and Engels say that persons are not allowed to own property especially businesses. Marx and Engels were never against free trade, owning businesses, or owning property.  In the old days ideology referred to ideals. Today, ideology is a word used to describe extremist ideas, including extremism. Communism and socialism are frequently often described as ideologies. Marx and Engel’s philosophy is not an ideology.

The word communism is derived from the word community. The word community means a group of persons living together. They produce their own food, water, shelter, clothing, because human beings cannot exist by themselves. They have to live together as a human society.  A communist is a person who believes in community. Such a society has to have proper government that can arrange its basic needs. Human beings have to arrange for these requirements together. Such a society has been falsely interpreted as being a welfare state.

False ideas about the words “communism” and “welfare state” have been circulating in American society for a long time.

Circulation of false ideas about politics has polluted American politics, negative impressions about politicians have been circulated, American people are today confused about politics. Today the reputation of politics and politicians has deteriorated resulting in the criminalization of politics.

As a result of the destructive power of political forces over the last 30-35 years the broader politico-legalistic structure of American society has terribly suffered.