Altamis Nabil’s ‘Let There Be Light’ in Book Fair
March 16th, 2021 at 1:25 pm
Altamis Nabil’s ‘Let There Be Light’ in Book Fair

A research-based book has been published on the filmography of Zahir Raihan, the renowned Bangladeshi filmmaker and writer, who has made timeless films like Behula, Kancher Deyal, Jibon Theke Newa, Stop Genocide. The book titled ‘Let There Be Light’ is written by Md. Altamis Nabil. The book has been published at 2021 Dhaka Ekushey Book Fair from ‘Adee Prakashan’.

Referring to the book, Author Altamis Nabil said, “The name that is found at the top of the list of all-time best films of Bangladesh is Jibon Theke Neya and the name of Zahir Raihan inevitably comes in the list of the best filmmakers. However, apart from being Jibon Theke Neya, Zahir Raihan has a lot more great works in the pre-independence film world of Bangladesh. The research book is an attempt to bring all the films he has made into one book and an overall discussion for the general readers. If this book can aware the new age readers and film lovers about this mountainous, courageous, multi-talented, and patriotic personality Zahir Raihan, I think this effort will be successful.”

This book has been named based on the unreleased dream project of Zahir Raihan named as Let There Be Light. The book focuses only on the filmmaking and direction part of this multi-talented man. It is written in Bangla language.

In addition to discussing movies, there will be a QR code at the end of the articles through which readers can watch Zahir Raihan’s timeless movies by scanning from on their handsets. JCI Dhaka West and Bangladesh Positive Foundation are the youth engagement partners of this book.

Altamis Nabil is currently working in a multinational company as a digital service professional in addition to writing and making documentaries. He is also serving as the Executive Vice President of the non-profit international organization Junior Chamber International’s (JCI) Dhaka West chapter. This is his third publications. Earlier, the writer published his research work on the film work of Satyajit Ray, ‘Maharaja Tomare Salem’ and ‘Lumiere Theke Hiralal’ which was based on history & progress of World Cinema.

The cover of Let There Be Light was designed by Sajjadul Islam Sayeem. The book is available in the stall of Adee Prokashon (Suhrawardy Udyan, stall no. 123-124) at the book fair. Apart from this, it can also be purchased from the popular e-commerce site rokomari and in major bookstores across the country.