Altamis Nabil’s ‘Banglar Cholocchitropath’ at Book Fair
March 9th, 2022 at 6:40 am
Altamis Nabil’s ‘Banglar Cholocchitropath’ at Book Fair

A research book has been published on the filmography of Satyajit Ray and Zahir Raihan, two of the best two filmmakers in Bengal. The book titled ‘Banglar Cholocchitropath’ (Film Study of Bengal) is written by Md. Altamis Nabil. The book has been published at Dhaka Amar Ekushey Book Fair 2022 from ‘Adee Prokashon’.

Regarding the book, its author Altamis Nabil said, “Two Bengals, Epar & Opar! No one could change the language of the two regions even though they were stuck in the barbed wire. The appeal of literary works or movies made in Bengali language is therefore the same in both Bengalis. Satyajit Ray and Zahir Raihan are the two best filmmakers in Bengal. The book was written for Bengali readers on film work. Efforts will be made to publish the next few episodes of Bengali film lessons where the details of the film work of the other famous Bengali filmmakers will be discussed.”

In addition to discussing the movies in the book, QR code has been added at the end of the articles through which the readers can watch the timeless movies of Satyajit Ray and Zahir Raihan by scanning the mobile. JCI Dhaka West and Bangladesh Positive Foundation are the youth engagement partners in Banglar Cholocchitropath.

Altamis Nabil is an Author and documentary filmmaker as well as a digital services professional at a multinational company called Miaki. He is also the current President of Junior Chamber International (JCI)- Dhaka West. This is his fourth solo book. He has previously published ‘Moharaja Tomare Selam’, ‘Lumiere Theke Hiralal’ and ‘Let There Be Light’.

Nishadul Islam and Abdullah Al Noman have done the cover of the book. The book is available at Adee Prokashon (Suhrawardy Udyan, Stall No. 517-518) at the book fair. In addition, it can be purchased from all major bookstores in the country, including the popular e-commerce site Rokmari.