All Freedom Fighters get “Bir” title
October 29th, 2020 at 9:35 am
All Freedom Fighters get “Bir” title

The Freedom Fighters of Bangladesh’s 1971 bloody Independence War on Thursday were honoured by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government with the title of “Bir” or “Hero” and the decision comes into immediate effect.
According to a Liberation War Ministry Gazette on Thursday said the Freedom Fighters have been defined as “heroic Freedom Fighters” in Section 2 (11) of the Bangladesh Freedom Fighters Welfare Trust Act, 2018.

It said the word “Bir” should be used before the names of the heroic Freedom
Fighters in all cases and the order comes into effect immediately. According to available information, the number of listed Freedom Fighters is 333,856 and of them, but 251,285 are genuine. A fresh list of Freedom Fighters is being made after controversies in the last one.