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Afsan Chowdhury is journalist, author and researcher. He is an advisor of

Afsan Chowdhury


Afsan Chowdhury is a famed award-winning journalist, author, researcher and teacher. He was awarded the prestigious Bangla Academy Award for his work on Bangladesh’s 1971 Independence War.

After completing his higher education from the Department of History in Dhaka University, he started his career in journalism. During his career as a journalist, he served as an editor for weekly Dhaka Courier, contributed to The Daily Star and also produced a number of BBC World Service series. He was also one of the founder Promoter of United News of Bangladesh (UMB), one of the country’s leading news agencies. He has so far 14 books on the war to his credit and three others are expected to be published by the end of 2020.

Mentionable among them are the 15 Volumes of Documents on 1971. ( Govt. of Bangladesh  –  Research team member and co-editor), Genocide : Structure, Repression and Case studies and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Bangladesh ( 1937-1971).He teaches English at the BRAC University. He also produced documentaries including 4 mini-series and 112 part series on different subjects of interest for the BBC. He was attached to Canada’s York University Centre for Asian Research as a Research Associate 2007- 2012.

Current Project : Historical Encyclopaedia of 1971. He has also worked for different media outlets at home and abroad. He is set to release three documentaries in 2020, including one on Women Warriors of 1971.

Major General Abul Kalam Mohammad Humayun Kabir (retd)

Major General
Abul Kalam Mohammad Humayun Kabir (retd)


Major General Ambassador Abul Kalam Mohammad Humayun Kabir (retd), SUP, ndu, psc, is a former professional military officer who served for over 41 years in Military, Public, Academic, Business, Foreign Services and International Diplomacy with distinction.He was elected Vice – Chair of the UN-Habitat’s CPR in 2018-2019. He is an International Fellow of the United States National Defence University, Washington D.C. and a Fellow of the National Defence College (NDC), Mirpur. Now, he teaches in number of Public and private universities and as a freelancer often writes on security and strategic issues, national, regional and international affairs, peace and conflict matters, defence and diplomacy, management and leadership.
Brigadier General Md Bayezid Sarwar (Retd)

Brigadier General
Md Bayezid Sarwar (Retd)


Brigadier General Md Bayezid Sarwar (Retd) was commissioned in the branch of infantry of Bangladesh Army in 1985. While in Army he served in various staff, instructional and command appointments. He commanded one infantry battalion and one battalion of Bangladesh Rifles. Brigadier General Bayezid also has served as chairman of Bangladesh Textiles Mills Corporation and Deputy Commandant of Bangladesh Ordnance Factory.

Brigadier General Bayezid has a wide training and education background. He is an alumnus of Bangladesh University of Professionals,  and National Defence College.

Brigadier  general  Bayezid is an experienced peacekeeper. He is also a pioneer researcher and written on United nations peacekeeping operations. His book on Cambodia  (Cambodia: Peace  Keepers Journal) based on his experience as Military observer has been recognized widely. Brigadier Bayezid is an enthusiastic researcher on liberation war. Besides a book on Cambodia, he has a very good number of publications (in Military Magazines and National Dailies) to his credit. . Since his retirement, he is engaged as an independent researcher and column writer. His special interest of the subject is defence, security, liberation war and media.

waliur rahman

Ambassador Wali-ur Rahman

Author and Researcher

Aide to the Prime Minister on International Crimes Tribunal Bangladesh (ICTBD)Former Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and chairman of Bangladesh Heritage Foundation, National Security and Counter-Terrorism, Jurisprudence Mr. Rahman enjoyed a fellowship to the Trinity College, Oxford in 1974-75. Mr.Rahman had the rare privilege of piloting the admission of Bangladesh to the World health Organization (WHO), the first United Nations Agency to admit the newly independent country Bangladesh as a member in May 1972. 

At that time he was the first Permanent Observer a.i. to the European Office of the United Nations in Geneva where he also witnessed the admission of Bangladesh to such UN Agencies as ILO, WMO, UPU, FAO, GATT, UNCTAD, IAEA and UNIDO. Since then Mr. Rahman has been deeply involved in the work of the International Organizations particularly that of the United Nations. He was director, in charge of political, legal and information department in the organization of the Islamic Conference for the year 1978. Mr. Rahman represented his country in various international conferences including the 34th session of the UNGA and 37th session of the UNGA. Mr. Rahman represents the Council of Namibia delegation to the Law of the Sea as a delegate. He was promoted to the rank of Ambassador in 1982. He is an Associate Member of the International Institute of Strategic Studies, Associate member of the international Peace Academy in New York, Life member of the Oxford University Club and Harvard Club.