EDITORIAL: School tests and COVID-19
August 25th, 2020 at 7:31 pm
EDITORIAL: School tests and COVID-19

The government is reportedly considering cancelling this year’s Primary Education Completion, Junior School Certificate and equivalent exams due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is still serious as far as the health reports are concerned.

Such a move for health risks is understandable, but what concerns parents is the fact that any later examination or auto-promotion will make them half-educated to face future tests. If the government cancels the exam it will be the first time any public examination to be cancelled since Bangladesh’s independence.

Efforts for online education have been taken but in many parts internet service is weak or not available at all.

News reports said the examinations were set to take place recently and at least 3 million students are waiting to take the PEC exams and 2.5 million are expected to sit for JSC. The final decision will be made by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Top officials were quoted as saying that if the exams are cancelled this year, they will take a school-based final exam on the syllabus already covered and students will receive scholarships based on their performance in the exam.

No decision has been taken so far about the holding of the Higher Secondary Certificate and its equivalent exams is still not known, but how will they maintain social distance during the tests as it will require more space as well as manpower, which will not be an easy task.

It is indeed a huge dilemma for the authorities, but we feel it is best to wait a little and plan tests at the fag -end of this year or early 2021 to ensure proper examinations with safer health conditions.

COVID-cases will hopefully go down and vaccines will arrive to bid the deadly virus goodbye forever.