EDITORIAL: Plan now to end crimes by the young
August 13th, 2020 at 10:00 am
EDITORIAL: Plan now to end crimes by the young

Security forces have been detaining young people, including some as young as 12 years, for allegedly committing different crimes quite regularly in recent days. It is a matter of great concern.

Most have families and thus the responsibility falls on their parents or relatives to keep a tab about their activities. Those who are homeless or orphans fall prey to criminal gangs due to want of basic necessities.

Instead of becoming responsible citizens many of these young men and women also get into criminal activities due to social disparity. They see some of their friends having more than what they need, while they have nothing.

This social disparity leads them to think ways to get all those their friends have resulting in criminal activities.

The other is the widespread use of drugs like yabaa, the pink magic pill, and weed,  which are easily available even with small vendors, To support the cost of addiction many seek criminals paths.

We must seriously think how to deal with this growing problem, while we cannot do away with internet, but it too is helping them to learn different methods of committing crimes, including rape. Some foreign cinemas even portray such elements as heroes.

Parents or guardians must be held responsible for not taking care of their children and laws must be enacted to punish them if found guilty of neglecting their children. The first lessons come from the home. 

It is time now to take up plans to stop this growing evil trend that is hurting the social fabric and may as well stand in the way of Bangladesh’s development.

Concerned government and non-governmental agencies must take up plans immediately so that all children, even those homeless and orphaned, become responsible citizens and do not resort to criminal activities.