EDITORIAL: Floodwaters add miseries in Dhaka outskirts
August 11th, 2020 at 12:01 am
EDITORIAL: Floodwaters add miseries in Dhaka outskirts

It appears there is no end to misery in flood-hit areas. As if staying in flooded homes or forced out to take shelter elsewhere is not enough, these people in some areas are passing their days in murky black water.

In parts of Savar near the capital Dhaka, people in large areas are now stuck with a new challenge — how to stay safe with a life such water as flood water is yet to give them back their normal lives.

Water-borne diseases like diarrhoea are rampant during monsoon floods, but this year the deluge is lasting longer and water from the hills in neighbouring India sent gushing water twice this in three months.

Residents living in the industrial city of Savar are now suffering from different skin diseases as they have to wade through the murky black water mixed with chemicals which have been flushed out by factories.

Nearby canals and a river have also been polluted too and for some available of pure drinking water has also become a problem and buying bottled water is beyond their means. Thus different diseases have become rampant.

We hope that concerned authorities will at least take steps to drain the water as quickly as possible and ensure adequate supply of safe drinking water for the suffering residents of the area.

The authorities should also take steps that water stagnation does not happen from next year as monsoon floods will continue to make the lives of the people every year.