Massive anti-China traders protest in India
August 9th, 2020 at 11:23 pm
Massive anti-China traders protest in India

by Tripti Nath in New Delhi,

Traders across India abandoned their Sunday errands to join the “China Quit India” campaign launched by the Confederation of Indian Traders (CAIT), the apex traders body with 7.5 crore members, claimed that the response from both traders and consumers at 600 locations exceeded their expectations.

The CAIT plans to continue this campaign till December 2021, to ensure a complete boycott of Chinese goods in India. 

CAIT National President, Praveen Khandelwal told that their string campaign forced VIVO brand to withdraw from the title sponsorship of cricket league. “We have learnt from media reports that BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) will approach AMAZON and BYJU for sponsorship, but this is not acceptable.”

Placard used in the anti-China demonstration in India – Photo by Tripti Nath/

He added: ”The government should immediately ban Huawei from participating in the 5G network rollout in India. Imports from China should be closely watched and higher custom duty should be levied on non-essential imports.”

Poonam Gupta, President of the Women’s wing of the Delhi unit of CAIT, told this correspondent that the traders felt encouraged by the overwhelming response of their Indian sisters to their call to boycott Chinese rakhis.

“Everybody bought Rakhis made by Indian women and we will make sure that Chinese goods are boycotted in all our festivals. Anti-China sentiments should go on forever. We want to bring back India’s global position of ‘Sone ki Chidiya’(a golden bird).”

Placards calling for complete boycott of Chinese products made commuters to stop and take notice. It was exceptionally humid forenoon but the resistance to anti-China slogans evoked curiosity even from the day workers.

The “China Quit India” campaign was launched on a day of extraordinary historic significance. It was on this day that Mahatama Gandhi had launched the “Quit India movement in 1942” against the British Raj.

The protest was held barely half a kilometre away from the Karol Bagh police station in a rather controlled environment under the supervision of armed men from Seema Sashastra Bal and Delhi police.  

Incidentally, the dingy alleys that house the China market in Sadar Bazaar, the largest wholesale market of household items in Delhi, was deserted as it remains shut on Sundays.

Indian flags greeted visitors and shoppers from vantage positions on old and dilapidated buildings on the road leading to the China market.

Despite Corona phobia, the passage was overcrowded with sellers squatting even in the middle of the road, giving it the semblance of a fish market. 

Poonam, a fashion designer, said that it was about time that people should understand that all that glitters was not gold.

“They actually sell packaging. Only the packaging is attractive. Unlike products made in India which are everlasting and even get passed on from one generation to another, Chinese products hardly last.”

Like Poonam, all protestors wanted to promote the concept of Swadeshi to promote indigenous goods.

Renu Sharma, Secretary of the Delhi chapter of CAIT, says, “It goes without saying that all of us feel for our soldiers but I also think that we need to promote our indigenous industry.”

A 22 year old porter from Mainpuri who works in Karol Bagh and stopped by to grasp the message of the protestors, said, “ I have studied till high school but I know for sure that if our industrialists take the initiative and start manufacturing goods here, it will make our country self-reliant. Then we will not have to buy toys and other goods from China”