Perspectives determine Bangladesh’s ties with India, China
August 9th, 2020 at 12:42 am
Perspectives determine Bangladesh’s ties with India, China

Special Correspondent;

Dhaka – Bangladesh’s relation with India and China stood on different perspective and it must not be compared from an identical standpoint, Foreign Minister Abul Kalam Abdul Momen said on Saturday.

History and emotion, he said, made it rock solid in the case of India and crucial economic issues dominate the relations with China.

Momen made this comments after paying tribute to the martyrs of Bangladesh’s 1971 war at a memorial in the western Meherpur district, where the first Bangladesh’s government in exile was formed during the war.

The remarks came at a time when media articles dominate on Bangladesh’s relation with two nuclear capable neighbours- India and China. 

“We must not compare the relationships” from an identical standpoint, the minister said adding that Bangladesh’s relation with India was rock solid based on historical legacy and the economic issues dominate the relation with China. 

“Our victory is India’s victory. Our development is India’s development . . . nothing can hinder this (Bangladesh-India) relation,” the minister said recalling the Indian contribution during the 1971 war against Pakistan.

Momen called the current Dhaka-New Delhi relations “tremendously good” and the two countries were set to celebrate jointly next year Bangladesh’s 50-year independent anniversary.

Bangladesh and India resolved major bilateral matters like land and maritime boundaries and security issues amicably while attained progress on water sharing.

The pending issues will also be resolved gradually, hoped the minister.

The minister, however, declined to comment on reported tensions between India and China. “This is their headache, nothing to do with us,” he said adding that Bangladesh is focusing on its own development maintaining ties with both the countries.

“They are our big trading partners,” he said adding that Dhaka wants to reap trade benefits with the two.