EDITORIAL: Was it a premeditated murder or an extra judicial killing?
August 6th, 2020 at 11:50 pm
Every citizen has the right to access to justice.
EDITORIAL: Was it a premeditated murder or an extra judicial killing?

The killing of a retired army major has raised one question and exposed two facts. The question is whether it was a premeditated murder or an extra judicial killing. It has possibly exposed a case of extra judicial killing and the misuse of power by some security personnel, both of which are condemnable.

Possibly if the victim, Sinha Mohammad Rashed was not a former army officer and a common citizen, it would have passed off quietly. It drew widespread public and media attention because the victim was not an ordinary man and the power that he had put the alleged offenders on the dock.

One of the policemen involved has allegedly carried out many such killings in the name of curbing crimes like drug peddling and has been awarded by his organisation for his extraordinary performance (!). If the allegations of his past killings are true, then those were extrajudicial murders.

In a democratic polity where human rights are supposed to honoured whoever that might be, then such extrajudicial killings must be stopped. Every policeman’s activities must be scrutinised before being awarded and punish for being trigger happy by misusing the powers given to protect peoples’ lives.

No man has the right to take the law in his own hands, especially by a policeman who is supposed to ensure justice no matter how dangerous the criminal or the crime is. In the police report, the killing of the major has been presented apparently in such a way so that none can question the criminal activities of the slain man and to justify the killing.

What has raised more doubts about the report that why the few things, like the computer hard disk, was not mentioned, but has gone missing and why was it so important for so far unidentified elements who have stolen it.

It smacks of the fact that someone is not saying the truth to justify the killing.

We oppose such extra judicial killings and all security agencies must be warned against such practices. It can cost the life of an innocent person with his killer going scot-free hoodwinking the judicial system. Every citizen has the right to access to justice.

As we look forward to a transparent trial, we also want the truth that led to the killing and an end to such practices by some individuals. Such acts by security personnel like the police also tarnishes their image by overshadowing the usually excellent work they do to protect the people of the country — us.