Bangladesh begins registration of online news portals
July 30th, 2020 at 10:49 pm
Bangladesh begins registration of online news portals

Staff Correspondent ;

Dhaka – Bangladesh has begun the process of registering online portals with the government hoping the portals will portray the positive image of the country.

Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud made this disclosure on Thursday saying that the registration is an on-going process. Initially, a list of news portals, which obtained no-objection from the authorities concerned, will be published on the government website.    

“The portals which have received no objections from the government will be allowed for initial registration. And a list would be published on the ministry’s website,” he said while talking to reporters in Dhaka.

The information minister said names of many established online news portals may not appear in the list that would be uploaded on the website.

“But, there are no negative reports against those portals. Actually, we didn’t get reports about those news portals till now. So, there is no reason for worry and disappointment. Registrations would be given in phases after getting no objection reports. This is a continuous process,” he added.

Hasan said many news portals often publish wrong and untrue news in their competition with other portals.

“At the same time, we also see that some online news portals have deliberately engaged in spreading rumors, assassinating characters and inciting communal tensions. The investigation is being held keeping all these issues in view,” he added.

Steps would be taken against those news portals which have ‘negative reports’ and the ministry is giving registration to the online news portals based on the reports, he said.

He said the online news portals are playing a pivotal role to reach the latest news to the people in this era of free flow of information.

People could get news on their mobile phones by using mobile data or free wifi connection and this is a big positive aspect, said Hasan.

Information Secretary Kamrun Nahar, Joint Secretary SM Mahfuzul Haque and senior officials of the ministry, among others, were present in the programme.