Suburbs of Dhaka flooded, thousands in distress
July 28th, 2020 at 10:47 am
The Padma river was flowing at 78cm above the danger mark at Bhagyakul point
Suburbs of Dhaka flooded, thousands in distress

Staff Correspondent;

The suburbs of the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, have been flooded and it is feared that more areas will be submerged as the deluge entered its third week, officials said Tuesday.

They told that water is still coming into Bangladesh from the upstream in India and thus from northern to central parts of this deltaic country have been submerged.

Demra, in the suburbs of Dhaka, is one of the worst flooded area near the capital.

“Water has entered many homes, but those on highlands or built higher are so far still free from the calamity,” said one local resident.

He said many have ordered boats to commute and lived in fear of snakes which have been rampant as well as responsible for many deaths since the country was hit by the deluge.

Several million people are either living in their flooded homes or have taken shelter on highlands, roads, bridges or embankments. Many embankments have also given into the swirling waters.

Erosion of the river banks of the major rivers have also become severe with schools, homes and other structures vanishing in the water within hours.

Rains have been forecasted, meaning more floods and diseases spreading.

The calamity-prone country is already battling economic downtrend due to COVID-19 and the flood is adding more pressure on the people many of whom will be joining the existing climate refugees.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, known for her ability in handling crisis, said the flood might last longer than usual and all should work shoulder-to-shoulder to help the flood victims.

She has asked all those belonging to her ruling Awami League to remain alert and do what is needed to lessen the sufferings of the people in this time of crisis.

The mighty Jamuna and Brahmaputra were stable, while the water level of most rivers in the Ganges Basin further worsened.

Of the total 30 river points monitored in the Ganges Basin regularly, water levels increased at 19 stations on Monday, aggravating the flood situation in the low-lying areas.

The local office of Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) recorded a rising trend of water levels at almost all points, like Pankha, Rajshahi, Hardinge Bridge, Talbaria, Goalunda and Mawa, in the 24 hours ending at 9 am today,.

The Padma river was flowing at 78cm above the danger mark at Bhagyakul point

More than 50 percent of Bangladesh has been submerged by the monsoon floods and the government says aid for the victims have been sent to the affected areas.