Nearly half of Bangladesh flooded, water-borne diseases reported
July 25th, 2020 at 9:02 pm
Nearly half of Bangladesh flooded, water-borne diseases reported

Special Correspondent:

Nearly 50 percent of Bangladesh has been submerged by monsoon floods and it might take several weeks to recede, officials here said Saturday.

They said 31 of this deltaic South Asian country’s 64 administrative districts have been hit by floods affecting more than 4 million people, many of whom had been hit by flash floods twice earlier this month.

Farmers are facing hardship with crops swept away, while those hoping to raise some funds by selling cow or goat are finding it hard to sell those due to communication hurdles as many roads have been submerged.

The holy Muslim festival of sacrifice or Eid al-Azha is set for 1 August, but buyers are scarce too due to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, reports of water-borne disease in the flooded districts indicate that the number of patients has been on the rise due to lack of safe drinking water. Diarrhoea and high temperature can kill children and the elderly.

The government says aid for the victims have been sent to the affected areas. The diseases have been reported from northern parts of the country while flood water is receding.

According to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, around 7.6 million flood-hit people of the country are at risk of hunger and disease.

“Floods have left hundreds of thousands stranded in northern and north-eastern parts of the country and damaged more than 600,000 homes,” it said in a press statement.

“Families are forced to live in unsanitary conditions and lack safe drinking water and adequate shelter, raising fears of wide-spread disease outbreaks. Communities are also reporting food shortages as more than 160,000 hectares of farmland have been damaged,” said the statement.

The Meteorological Department forecast more rains in parts of this calamity-prone country.