Health: Reshuffle brings hope, punish those responsible
July 24th, 2020 at 3:13 pm
Health: Reshuffle brings hope, punish those responsible

Nadeem Qadir and Nazrul Islam;

A flicker of hope in the health sector can be seen after a major reshuffle, especially in the post of director general of health services, but it remains to be seen if those responsible are handed down tough punishments to set an example.

It came finally, but better late than never.

The new Director General is Dr. Khurshid Alam, who faces a challenging task of reorganising and reforming the government’s health service to restore peoples’ confidence.

It started from fake masks to major scandals with some hospitals which too issued fake COVID-19 reports. If any person has died due to the fake reports then it amounted to murder.

Abul Kalam Azad

The health ministry on Friday reorganised the committee to monitor hospital nationwide, but it has to be monitored too because money has been the name of the game in the health sector.

The exposure of illegal activities of the Regent hospital and its fraud head, Shahed Karim, who is now being grilled by security agencies, brought crashing the health sector.

A war of words between the ministry and directorate finally saw the exit of the director general Abul Kalam Azad. But the question lingers whether the man in charge of the ministry can save himself eventually as he cannot deny his failures in this crisis time.

People of all walks of life suffered due to this illegal activities and an elected representative has to shoulder the responsibility of such scandals. He must at least acknowledge his failures and apologise to the nation.

Novel coronavirus

The countries overall COVID-19 situation continues to worsen and test cases has been decreasing, but why. One is the level of fear has come down, the other is peoples loss of faith in such tests and lastly the imposition of fees.

Life across Bangladesh has almost returned to normal amid sacking of staffs, non-payment or less payment of wages and closure of hundreds of small businesses.

Many are leaving the cities for their village homes as life has turned bitter without cash in their pockets. The small trucks stacked with their personal belongings heading out to the villages is a painful example of COVID-19, which has also so far killed nearly 3,000 people nationwide.

The government along with NGOs must come to the rescue of these group of people so that they can survive until life returns to old normal.

The Covid-19 has only exposed the wrongs at the health only, the other public sectors are believed to have riddled with similar irregularities.  The government must fix those wrongdoings at the other sectors as well to ensure that the public money is being utilised properly. Money saved by checking grafts will call the shot.