Bangladeshi company claims pre-trial success in developing Covid-19 vaccine
July 2nd, 2020 at 2:52 pm
Bangladeshi company claims pre-trial success in developing Covid-19 vaccine

by Nazrul Islam ;

Dhaka – A Bangladeshi company has claimed developed a vaccine to treat the deadly Covid-19, a disease caused by novel coronavirus, the company officials said on Thursday.

Globe Biotech Limited, a concern of Globe Pharmaceuticals Group of Companies Ltd, at a news conference in Dhaka said the company has completed the pre-trial of the vaccine on animals.

‘We will now begin regular trial on animals before going for a human trial,” Asif Mahmud, chief of research and development department of the company said.

Novel coronavirus

He added the pre-trial success came after a few stage of application of the vaccine on three rabbits at the company’s Biosafety level-3 laboratory after the process began on March 8, the day Bangladesh reported the first three cases of novel coronavirus.

It will require at least six weeks to conduct the regular trial on animal before launching its human trial.

“We are hopeful that the vaccine will work on human body,” said Harunur Rashid, chairman of the company. He said his company has every equipment and facility needed for development of the vaccine.

If the trials are successful, the company will be able to produce five to seven million vaccine a year in its laboratory, he added.

“We don’t want to lag behind when other countries are developing vaccine to treat the deadly virus,” the company chairman said.

Bangladesh reported more than 153,000 cases of novel coronavirus with some 1,926 deaths since the first cases were reported on March 8. The first death was reported on March 18.