Bangladesh’s ferry disaster death toll rises to 30
June 29th, 2020 at 4:01 pm
Bangladesh’s ferry disaster death toll rises to 30

Staff Correspondent;

Dhaka – The death toll from ferry disaster has risen to 30 with more bodies found on Buriganga river, officials said on Monday.

A passenger ferry collided with another ferry on the river near Farazganj in Dhaka leaving the smaller on overturned and sank within seconds.

Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority Chairman Commodore Golam Sadeq said the divers found the bodies either drifting on water or trapped inside the ferry.

Nineteen of the deceased are men, eight women and three children, according to police.

A body is being pulled out of the waters after a ferry capsized in Buriganga Monday – photo

The accident occurred in the morning when MV Moyura hit the passenger vessel Morning Bird near Farazganj in Dhaka. The Morning Bird went down prompting the authorities to send immediately rescuers from the Fire Service and Civil Defence department, Navy and Coastguard on the scene, he said.

The Moyura was confiscated, but its master escaped immediately after the accident.  

BIWTA spokesman Mohamad Shahjahan said the sunken the ferry was traced on the river-bed.

Commodore Sadeq told local media that 10 to 15 passengers of at least 50 passengers of the ferry managed to swim ashore. But a survivor said the vessel was carrying at last 100 passengers.

The survivor travelling to Dhaka along with his brother, who is still missing, from his village home in the central district of Munshiganj, 30 kilometers south of the capital Dhaka.

Many people travel by ferries from Munshiganj to Dhaka on business or official purposes.

Rescuers pulled the body of a woman from the river after the ferry disaster on Monday in Buriganga river – photo

A CCTV footage showed the ferry was hit from its rear and it went under the bigger vessel immediate and sank in few seconds.

State Minister for Khalid Mahmud Chowdhury said the incident appears, as per the CCTV footage, a coldblooded murder. The government will take appropriate measures against the offenders, he said.  

Thousands of people from adjoining areas thronged on the riversides to witness the rescue operation. Many people were in search of their missing relatives.

Boat accidents are frequent in Bangladesh that leave many deaths thanks to poor safety measures and the lax implementation of regulations.