Police in challenge after huge COVID-19 attacks
June 29th, 2020 at 3:34 pm
Police in challenge after huge COVID-19 attacks

Special Correspondent;

Bangladesh Police, out on the streets of the country, are facing a challenge as nearly 10,000 of them have fallen victims to COVID 19 so far with 38 deaths.

This is the highest among all security agencies in the ground and many returned to duty after recovering due to proper treatment, police sources said.

One policeman who has recovered told newsnextbd.com: “We never get scared but fight the disease and look forward to returning to my duty. Helping people means helping my country in this crisis time.”

The reason for such high rate of COVID-19 infection is believed to be there close contact with the populace as they move around to enforce hygiene or lockdowns.

According to police 0ver 9,000 and over 4,000 officials are in quarantine and in isolation respectively.

Proper treatment has helped most to recover.

The members of armed forces and Ansar have reported COVID-19 cases.