Honesty rare, but not all gone
June 22nd, 2020 at 2:08 pm
Honesty rare, but not all gone

Special Correspondent;

Honesty is a rare commodity in these days, but it is not all and thus keeps the world going.

When we hear about corruption of the rich and powerful, a story of honesty and that too of not getting sucked into thoughts of being overnight rich by 61 lac takas left behind by an auto-rickshaw in nearby Chandpur district.

Poverty has pushed the young auto-rickshaw driver to give up school and support his family, but the family value of honesty has remained strong as ever.

Auto-driver Sajib

Mohammad Sojib returned the amount after finding it abandoned in his auto-rickshaw to the local police, who too were amazed by this act of honesty.

According to police an employee of popular mobile money transfer service left it in Sojib’s vehicle by mistake and only realised it after an hour or so, and started to look for the three-wheeler.

Sojib informed a local ruling Awami League about the pouch of money and then was taken the Sdar police station to deposit it and the sweating bKash staff counted his lucky stars on getting back the entire amount intact.

District police chief Mahbubur Rahman said they had knowledge about the loss of the cash and thus they could quickly hand it back to its genuine owner.

“I gave him Taka 5,000 as an honour for his amazing honesty,” Rahman told local media.

The SP too deserves a thanks that instead of harassing Sojib over the money, he recognised his honesty which locals said would encourage others to follow the 18-year-old youth — Sojib.