35 more Covid-19 deaths reported
June 4th, 2020 at 3:35 pm
35 more Covid-19 deaths reported

Staff Correspondent :

Dhaka – Thirty-five more novel coronavirus fatalities have been reported in Bangladesh, raising the virus death toll to 781 in the South Asian country, officials said on Thursday.

Health official Nasima Sultana said 2,423 person tested positive for the virus in the last a24 hours ended on Thursday morning, making the total number of Covid-19 patients to 57,563.

Of them 12,161 recovered, she said adding that condition of 571 patients improved in the period.

A total of 12,694 samples were tested at 50 PCR labs in the last 24 hours, she added.

Bangladesh reported first three cases of novel coronavirus on March 8, and the first death from the virus was reported on March 18. The country imposed a nationwide lockdown from March 26 to May 31. The rate of infection and death from the virus were reported higher than that of the lockdown time.

On Wednesday, deaths of 37 were reported while 2,695 people were tested positive for the virus.