Govt firm to go ahead with Rampal power plant
August 27th, 2016 at 6:39 pm
Govt firm to go ahead with Rampal power plant

Dhaka – The government will go ahead with Rampal Power Plant Project near the Sundarbans as the proposed plant would have no adverse effect on the world’s largest mangrove forest, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said on Saturday.

The project is 14 kilometers away from the mangrove forest, said Hasina adding that the existing law permits industrial unit 10 kilometers away from the forest.

The premier came up with the clarification as a group of environmentalists coupled with opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party has been opposing the implementation of the project citing that it would destroy the forest, a world heritage site declared by the UNESCO in 1997.

Hasina placed facts on coal-fired power plants in other parts of the world including in Europe, America and Asia saying that the groups were out to create a situation through opposing the project.

She said those who oppose the project are against Bangladesh’s development.

Former prime minister Khaleda Zia, chief of BNP, on August 24 at a press conference opposed the project saying that it was against the country. Khaleda’s stance came years after a left-leaning group opposed the project.

Hasina, on the other hand, expressed her determination to build the power plant to meet the people’s demand for electricity as she said her government took a number of steps to take the country forward.

She said those who are opposing the project are misleading the people with fabricated information.

She described BNP chief as ignorant on the issue an instigator of the people.

Environmental experts have warned that the Rampal project will cause substantial damage to the Sundarbans and its wildlife.