Four-week US-UK-Bangladesh military exchange concludes
March 10th, 2020 at 9:47 pm
Four-week US-UK-Bangladesh military exchange concludes

Dhaka – A four-week special joint military exercise aiming at enhancing relations among soldiers from Bangladesh, United States and the United Kingdom was concluded, according to a press statement by the US embassy in Dhaka.   

US ambassador Earl Miller and Bangladesh Navy Rear Admiral Mohammed Shaheen Iqbal attended the closing ceremony of the Special Operations exchange styled Operation Monogram, the statement said on Tuesday.

Began on February 16, the operation is the first-ever exchange including U.S. and UK militaries with Bangladeshi Army and Navy elements.

Ambassador Miller said, “Continuing these cooperative efforts is critical in preventing and countering threats to include drug and human trafficking, piracy, and other challenges in the Indo-Pacific region.” 

“The ideals of sovereignty, open economies that transcend borders, and adherence to the rule of law we aspire to uphold through our mutual security cooperation,” he added

Forty 40 participants from the Bangladesh Navy’s elite Special Warfare Diving and Salvage (SWADS) unit and 10 participants from the Bangladesh Army’s Special Forces 1st Para-Commando Brigade exchanged techniques, procedures, and best practices with U.S. and UK military members on small unit tactics and maritime tasks to increase interoperability joined among the three militaries. 

Maritime exchange segments incorporated the use of the SWADS’ newly acquired Metal Shark boats, recently transferred from the United States to the Bangladesh Navy, ideal for operating in Bangladesh’s predominantly riverine and coastal landscape, said the press release.

U.S. Navy Special Operations elements exchanged tactics with the SWADS on vessel boarding, maritime navigation, and maneuvering, land-based training aspects focused on marksmanship, movement in urban areas, and medical first responder training were also among the components.

The exchange facilitated dialogue and partnership between the Bangladesh Army and Navy and will enhance future joint operations between the two military services, said the press release.

The military relationship among Bangladesh, the UK, and the United States is vital for the security and stability of the Bay of Bengal and a testament to the three countries’ commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific region, it added.