We need a 7 March unity under Sheikh Hasina
March 7th, 2020 at 11:51 am
We need a 7 March unity under Sheikh Hasina

Nadeem Qadir ;

Bangladesh’s murky and violent politics has seen increasing addition of all those elements we condemn not only naturally, but hate to see them now in reality.

Is this the Bangladesh Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman fought for all his life and gave his blood? Is this the Bangladesh our freedom fighters fought knowing death was imminent? The women — our war women — lost everything that is of honour to them for this Bangladesh? An what about our 1971 martyrs and their families, most of whom struggled to survive since independence?

Too many questions?  To many these are old questions and to others outright very boring. Some would say the writer of this piece was stuck in time and an impractical, emotional bum!

The logo for Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s birth centenary celebration

Yet, some of us “bums” would continue to write such pieces as long as the pen allows, even if not always mightier than the sword.

The entry of wrong kind of people into politics has been a curse for Bangladesh. Thanks to such men like General Ziaur Rahman and General Hussain Muhammad Ershad.

Both these late military dictators opened the floodgates for all the wrong people to enter politics, including those who collaborated with the Pakistani army in 1971. The others were those who killed or were involved in the killing of Bangabandhu, those convicted for murder, smuggling or other crimes with some freed from jail to join politics and all those with dubious political backgrounds.

The recent incident of “Underworld Queen” Papiya and the long list of her clients that went viral on the social network, true or false, just gives us the shivers. One can scream out — God help us! God help the country!

Sheikh Hasina

Zia’s love for Pakistan and their Bengali cohorts who never wanted Bangladesh started the process of erasing clean politics. They were active from the time the people were fighting for an independent Bangladesh. Killed Bangabandhu and started to ruin the main pillar — national politics —- of running the country.

Over the decades they continued to enter our political system directly or indirectly. Their gifts — killing political opponents, money laundering, human trafficking, corrupt practices at all levels and booting out all democratic values in our political system.

The debate over Bangabandhu’s creation of the Bangladesh Krishak Sramik Awami League (BKSAL) is ill-motivated. It was the best plan for unity in a newly independent Bangladesh with pro-Pakistani elements working to make the country a “bottomless basket.” Along with it, the plan apparently was also to help equal development of the country with everyone involved to keep away frustrations that could lead to ill-practices like corruption and birth of “Papiyas” and their clients.

It is sad when we are about to celebrate our greatest leader of all times, Bangabandhu’s birth centenary and the country’s golden jubilee, these anti-Bangladesh elements have made a strong berth in different tiers of politics and governance.

Bangladesh Bangabandhu speech
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman addresses the people on March 7, 1971 to get all them prepared for an imminent war to liberate Bangladesh

The results are casino kings and underworld queens — some tracked and most remain happily ever after!

The result is honesty, good work, dedication to ones work and the interest of the country has been booted out. Conspirators do not allow this group of people to do their job and find ways and means to get rid of them shouting in silent joy “Pakistan Zindabad!”

One non-Bangladeshi colleague asked this writer about such sad and embarrassing developments with emphasis on how Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was handling the issues.

My answer was candid: “The great Bangabandhu’s great daughter is tough (zero tolerance) on such matters. It is tough for her as she is alone as far as our knowledge goes as a journalist.”

The reply “Why is she alone? You people should stand by her.”

My second candid answer “Who am I? Who are the others? We write and speak for her as without her there will be no Bangladesh.”

My friend, who has great love for Bangladesh and its people,  fully agreed saluting the prime minister for her great achievements ended by saying “Right people should be in right places. Your country will be a Sonar Bangla.”

Yes, we need the unity of patriots like we my fathers and mothers were under Bangabandhu on 7 March 1971 that led to our very successful fight for freedom. We need the same now under Sheikh Hasina.

We wait for that time! God bless the prime minister, God bless Bangladesh. Joy Bangla! Joy Bangabandhu!

Nadeem Qadir is a senior Bangladeshi journalist and a Dag Hammarskjöld fellow,- newsnextbd.com