New coronavirus death toll now 3,200
March 4th, 2020 at 12:52 pm
New coronavirus death toll now 3,200

International desk – Panic grips residents in all over the world as the novel coronavirus has killed 3,200 people and its invasion is fierce and new areas with more people getting infected every day.

The majority of the deaths were reported in China, where the outbreak was traced in December last year. Deaths are reported from other countries almost every day. The countries include Iran, Italy and the United States as more than 92,000 people are reportedly infected in more than 70 countries.

Health authorities in different nations are struggling to cope with the situation because the virus has no vaccine or any other treatment as of now. Countries that are not infected with the pathogen are getting preparation to prevent the spread of the outbreak.

In Iran, 77 persons died and more than 2,300 other infected. According to CNN about 8 per cent of Iran’s lawmakers have tested positive for the virus.

Nine deaths have been reported in the United States. All of them from the Washington state, where the US coronavirus outbreak was reported first. Thirteen states have reported coronavirus patients with total of 125 persons.

The US Federal Reserve slashed interest rates by half a percentage point today in response to coronavirus.

A total of 219 deaths have been recorded outside mainland China. The deaths are reported from Italy (79), Iran (77), South Korea(32), Japan(12), United States (9), France (4), Hong Kong (2), Taiwan (1), Australia(1), Thailand(1) and the Philippines (1).