Coronavirus outbreak kills 425 in China, spreading faster
February 4th, 2020 at 2:32 pm
Coronavirus outbreak kills 425 in China, spreading faster

International desk – The spread of coronavirus has turned further strong as China reported more cases of infection and confirm deaths in the East Asian country, where the epidemic broke out in December, according to international media reports on Tuesday.

CNN reported that China reported another major spike in both confirmed cases and deaths in the region, the heart of the outbreak.

China reported death of 425 people who contacted the virus. A total of 20,438 people were contacted as of Tuesday morning with 3235 fresh cases reported on the previous day, the broadcaster said in its web edition.

More than 185 persons have reportedly contacted the virus outside China in more than two dozens of countries. Two people died outside mainland china – one in the Philippines and the other in Hong Kong.

Major western airlines have suspended flights with China and the rich nations have evacuated their nations from Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus outbreak.  

Chinese President Xi Jinping called the virus outbreak a “major test of China’s system and capacity for governance,” as the extended Lunar New Year holiday and growing concerns began to take a toll on the country’s economy.

Xi demanded “resolute opposition against bureaucratism and the practice of formalities for formalities’ sake in the prevention work,” adding that those who disobeyed would be punished, according to the state media.

His comments could be an indication that frustration is growing over the failure to rein in the virus, and the slow initial response by Wuhan officials, reported CNN.

Xi also called for an improvement in the country’s emergency management system, an “overhaul of environmental sanitation,” improvements to public health, and a “crackdown on illegal wildlife markets and trade.”