Wednesday, November 20th, 2019
Fire guts shops at Rajdhani Super Market
November 20th, 2019 at 8:18 pm
Fire guts shops at Rajdhani Super Market

Dhaka – Many shops have been gutted after a fire broke out at a market in downtown Dhaka on Wednesday, fire-fighters said.

Fire-fighters have brought the flame under control nearly three hours of efforts after the fire broke out at two-storey tin-roofed Rajdhani Super Market in Tikatuli.

No casualty was reported immediately. Officials from Fire Service and Civil Defence department launched an investigation into the accident to determine the damage and find the reason.

Fire at Tikatuli

The fire is believed to have originated from an electric short-circuit at the first floor of the market that housed more than 1,500 shops mostly of clothes, plastic toys and other flammable substances.

Television footage showed the smoke billowing from the scene making the evening sky darker as soon as the fire broke out on the eastern part of the market which is known as New Rajdhani Super Market.

The shop owners, market staff and customers managed to came out of the establishment as soon as they come to know that the fire broke out.

Police managed the crowds of onlookers after closing the streets to the market as the firefighters started pouring water to douse the flame.