Typhoon Hagibis wrecks havoc in Japan
October 13th, 2019 at 1:21 pm
Typhoon Hagibis wrecks havoc in Japan

International desk – More than a dozen people are reportedly killed after a powerful storm battered parts of Japan.

The East Asian country has been recovering as the Typhoon Hagibis, the biggest storm in Japan in decades, triggered heavy rain floods and landslides

The storm with wind speeds of 225 kilometers per hour made landfall on Saturday evening in Izu Peninsula, south-west of Tokyo and moved up the east coast.

The storm is heading north and is expected to move back into the North Pacific later on Sunday, according to a BBC report that said almost half a million homes were left without power in the aftermath of the storm.

Rivers have breached their banks in at least 14 different places, inundating residential neighbourhoods.

More than 1 miter of rain was recorded in the town of Hakone near Mount Fuji on Friday and Saturday. It was the highest total ever recorded rainfall in Japan over 48 hours.

Officials said some of those killed were swept away by landslides while others were trapped in their cars as floodwaters rose. Another 15 people are listed as missing and dozens are reported injured.

The government urged more than seven million people to leave their homes ahead of the storm was approaching. But many people stayed back to their home and only 50,000 stayed in shelters.

Many residents stocked up on provisions before the typhoon’s arrival, leaving supermarkets with empty shelves.

The authorities launched a huge clean-up operation in Kawasaki near Tokyo as flood water started receding.

Many bullet train services were stopped, and several lines on the Tokyo metro were suspended. A resident in Tokyo said that the train operation in the capital city restored partially for Sunday.

Flights to and from Tokyo’s Haneda airport and Narita airport in Chiba have been cancelled.