Saudi Arabia deports 175 Bangladeshi workers
September 16th, 2019 at 1:43 pm
Saudi Arabia deports 175 Bangladeshi workers

Dhaka – As part of a current anti-migration crackdown, Saudi Arabia has deported 175 Bangladeshi workers, who landed penniless in Dhaka airport on Sunday night, officials said.

More workers detained at camps in the kingdom are awaiting the similar fate amid allegations that the Bangladeshi missions in Saudi Arabia hardly take care of these hapless fortune seekers.

Saudi Arab is one of the largest destinations for Bangladeshi people who remained engaged in hard work to help their families back home.

The latest group of deported workers were received at the airport by the officials from Bangladesh’s Wage Earners Welfare Board and the non-governmental Brac migration programme.

The returnees alleged that hundreds of other workers were detained by the Saudi police as they launched operations against undocumented workers. Those who are detained are put of detention camps in Riyadh, and will be sent back home.  

According to Saudi media reports the authorities detained nearly 3.8 million foreigners as they violated rules related to residency and work permit.