Wednesday, September 4th, 2019
Miller witnesses US-Bangladesh joint military exercise in Sylhet
September 4th, 2019 at 2:34 pm
Miller witnesses US-Bangladesh joint military exercise in Sylhet

Dhaka – US Ambassador Earl R Miller has visited a number of places in north-eastern Bangladeshi district of Sylhet apparently to promote economic and cultural cooperation between the United States and Bangladesh, according to a press release of the embassy.

During his three-day visit that concluded Tuesday to the shrine city, the US envoy met with a host of officials, elected representatives and local people, the press release said.

He also observed a joint military training exercise Tiger Shark 37, with participants from Bangladesh 1st Para Commando Brigade (PCB) and the US Special Forces.

US ambassador to Bangladesh Earl R Miller visited the shrine of Shahjalal in Sylhet – Embassy photo

The current exercise is part of an ongoing series of crisis response and counter terrorism exercises involving units from Bangladesh and the United States.

Members of the United Kingdom’s Joint Counter-Terrorist Training and Advisory Team, along with 1st PCB Commander, Brigadier General Muhsin, also observed the exercise.

Miller visited USAID’s Shukhi Jibon project, a public-private partnership that works closely with communities to provide health services to areas with limited to no access to healthcare.

He also visited a Blue Star pharmacy, one of over 7,000 pharmacies in the Social Marketing Company (SMC) network. USAID has partnered with SMC for over four decades to help communities across Bangladesh.

Miller also visited the US funded American Corner at Sylhet International University. The Center hosts thousands of young Bangladeshis annually for a variety of community-level programs, English learning, leadership, and workforce development skills trainings, and other activities promoting understanding between Bangladeshis and Americans, said the press release.