High Court grants Minni’s bail
August 29th, 2019 at 4:39 pm
High Court grants Minni’s bail

Dhaka – The High Court on Thursday granted bail to Ayesha Siddika Minni who was arrested earlier this month after police turned her to be an accused from the prime witnesses of the grisly murder of her husband in southern Barguna district, officials said.

Minni’s husband Rifat Sharif was chopped in a brought daylight to death in front of Barguna Government College on June 26, when according to a video footage that went viral on social media she tried to save him.

The girl was arrested on July 16 by the investigators after she was taken to the custody for interrogation as a witness of the murder case. The murder of Sharif and the subsequent arrest of his wife created outcry on the virtual social platforms.

Rifat Sharif

The High Court bench of Justice M Enayetur Rahim and Justice Md Mostafizur Rahman passed the order on a petition filed by Minni seeking bail in the case, said defence lawyer ZI Khan Panna.

The court also came up with few directives to the government as to how the police would behave during investigation and few others from Minni.

The court considered issues including the defender’s age, gender, process of taking her confessional statement among others to pass the directives for bail, said the counsel.

Her name was not included in the FIR (First Information Report) of the case, Panna told reporters adding that the court asked Minni to be remain at her father’s custody and not to talk to the media.

Screenshot of video footage of an attack carried out by a group of criminals in Barguna that left a young-man killed in front of his wife.

The bail will be cancelled if she violates the court order, the lawyer said.

The court also passed its observation on the local police office which investigated the case. The district police chief of Barguna told media that Minni confessed to her guilt when she was remanded in custody.

It was not only un-called for but also contradictory to the justice and neutral and fair investigation, observed the court. The officer also stated that Minni was involved in the killing before she gave statement before a magistrate, the court added.

Such statement by responsible persons before completion of the investigation is not acceptable, the court said asking the chief of police department (Inspector General of Police)to take necessary measures to this end.

The court in its general observation said that the law enforcement agencies produced the accused before media before completion of the investigation. It has been observed that they become over enthusiastic to talk to the media about the investigation into the case.

A person cannot be referred to as a criminal until he or she is proven guilty based on evidence, the court said issuing a directive to the home secretary and the IGP to formulate a guideline on how much statement the law enforcers can make on the investigation of a case.