Border checkpoints alerted to capture Rifat’s killers
June 28th, 2019 at 1:43 pm
Border checkpoints alerted to capture Rifat’s killers

Dhaka – Police have alerted its immigration department apparently to capture two people accused of killing a young-man in front of his wife in the southern Bangladeshi district of Barguna, officials said on Friday.

An officer at the police headquarters said that all international airports, land and river ports have been asked remain alert so that the suspected killers could not cross the international border.

Police have launched manhunt in the southern district after the suspects chopped Rifat Sharif, 25, to death in a broad day-light in front of Barguna Government College, more than 300 kilometers south of the capital Dhaka, on Wednesday.

The video footage of the attack went viral on social media on the same day. The footage show Sharif’s wife Ayesah Siddiqa had been trying to prevent the killers from chopping her husband. A case has been filed against 12 persons.  

The High Court on Thursday asked the government to issue the alert on the ports so that the killers could not escape. The court also asked the police to arrest the accused immediately.

A police officer in Dhaka said that three of the accused had already been arrested. Efforts are on to capture the others including those directly took part in the murder.

Based on the video footage local residents identified the killers as Nayan Bond and Rifat Farajee. Both were engaged in various crimes such as drug dealing and mugging.

Siddiqua, the wife of the slain youth, also said that Nayan and Farajee gang carried out the attack.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also asked the police department to act sincerely to bring the accused to book and ensure justice for the victim’s family.

The video on the social media triggered public outrage with many asking the government to set example by punishing the killers immediately.