Oh shocking!
June 27th, 2019 at 1:43 pm
Oh shocking!

Dhaka – A video footage that showed a young girl was trying to prevent the machete-wielding criminals from chopping a young man in southern Barguan district has shocked and surprised everyone.

She was moving from one side to the other to hold back the group of assailants brutally chopping the man one after another. The man was in pool of blood trying to save him almost bare handed. The girl was shouting ‘no’ to the attackers and calling for help from others in the neighborhood at the highest of her effort to save the man, her newly wedded husband.

But her labors went in vain as the residents, who appeared in the video footage, did not respond to her call for help. Stead, they behaved like the stupid onlookers as if they were watching live filming of a hindi movie, allowing the assailants’ heroic leaving of the scene after they accomplished the killing mission.

Rifat Sharif

The video went viral on the social media that shocked millions of viewers.

The shocking murder took place in front of Bargua Government College in a broad daylight on Wednesday. The scene is located 360 kilometers south of the capital Dhaka.

The attack on the 25-year old man, Rifat Sharif, came when he was passing the road in front of the collage along with his wife Ayesha Akhter on Wednesday. Sharif and Akhter got married barely two months ago.

The young-man could have been saved had the local residents came in aid to the girl’s effort to prevent the assailants from carrying out the attack. Many posed many question as to why people on the street are not come in aid of the girl. But it is the fact that none came in aid to the hapless couple at the time of their need.

Are we loosing values to help others in distress? Are the people refrained from helping others to avoid complexities in future? Are the criminals influential? Or our social values are eroding!

How come the criminals become influential in a society without patron of the political backing? The state must answer all those questions, as to why its people are not responding to a distress call. A criminal must be considered criminal. We hope the entire state mechanism will be deployed to fend off recurrence of such brutality from the society.

It has been reported that a case was filed with the police in Barguna accusing 12 persons. Identity of the criminals in action (as they were seen chopping one after another on the hapless young-man) were clearly visibly, and it would not be difficult for the law enforcement agencies to trace them out. The local people who witnessed the happening also know those goons.

Everyone expects the criminals are captured quickly and face justice to ensure that the culture of impunity that existed once in this part of the world has no place in Bangladesh.

By Nazrul Islam

Bangladeshi journalist
Nazrul Islam is a journalist based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The writer can be reached by e-mail ; [email protected]