Rohingya crisis a lesson for the world to overcome conflicts, says Hasina
May 30th, 2019 at 8:13 pm
Rohingya crisis a lesson for the world to overcome conflicts, says Hasina

Dhaka – Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said the Rohingya crisis is a lesson for the word to overcome conflict in a peaceful manner as her government wants the crisis to be resolved through dialogue.

“…It is a lesson for other situations of crises in our region and globally to overcome chaos and discord with the power of peace, humanity and development,” Hasina told an international conference in Tokyo on Thursday.

Referring to the crisis that originated in neighbouring Myanmar, Hasina said Bangladesh offered shelter to more than 1 million Rohingya despite the fact that the country faces severe limitations.

“We’re not only responding to a humanitarian call, but we are conscious about not allowing that crisis to escalate into chaos and regional instability,” she said adding Bangladesh sought dialogue and consensus over discord, even in the face of extreme provocation and crisis.

Hasina, who is now on a four-day visit to Japan, was addressing the Nikkei Inc’s International Conference titled “The Future of Asia” where she also put forward five points to make a better Asia.

She called the Asian leaders to lead the world towards peace, and said the power of humanity and positive forces is bound to prevail, according to state-run Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha news agency.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina addresses a conference in Tokyo on Future of Asia – PID

“The global community is looking at us, the rising Asia, to innovate, aspire, and lead the world towards continued peace and prosperity,” she said.

“And standing here at the advent of Reiwa, the era of Beautiful Harmony, I can only be optimistic about the future. Harmony, peace and friendship will prevail over chaos, disruption and discord,” she continued.

The theme of the conference was “Seeking a New Global order – Overcoming the Chaos.”

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Bin Mohamad, Cambodian Premier Hun Sen and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte also joined the conference.

Hasina floated five ideas to overcome the challenges and conflicts that the world are facing.

“So, we need to pledge to strengthen the world with greater openness, jointly address global challenges, safeguard fairness and justice and inject new impetus to cooperate using innovative ideas and measures,” she said.

She stressed the need for partnership for economic development.

“Economies should take innovative practices surpassing alliances. Partnerships need to build on mutual trust and respect, common development and prosperity for a win-win strategy and to the benefit of people.”

Hasina emphasized cooperation with each other in Asia in the spirit of openness, inclusiveness, equality, sharing benefits and joint contribution.

She underlined the need for collective efforts to face the development challenges as Asia’s future will depend on a sustainable and balanced development, improving international order and establishing win-win international relations.

Hasina advocated for a group to boost world peace and stability, promote a multi-polar world and protect legitimate rights and interests of developing countries.

She also put emphasis on connectivity. Infrastructure, free trade and liberal investment give foundation to Asian development, she said.

The Prime Minister hoped that the Nikkei Forum would suggest how to strengthen the cooperation of Asian countries and how to deal with protectionism within multilateral trading regime.

As a member of the global community, Bangladesh will continue to work with all friends and partners to ensure a stable and sustainable world order for the future generations.