Bangladesh didn’t stop visa for Pakistan nationals, says minister
May 21st, 2019 at 5:22 pm
Bangladesh didn’t stop visa for Pakistan nationals, says minister

Dhaka – Bangladeshi Foreign Minister has dismissed media reports that it stopped issuing visa to Pakistani citizens saying rather Pakistan stopped issuing visa to “our people”.

“We did not stop the process of issuing visa to Pakistani nationals, but some individual may not get visa because of matters related to terrorism or others,” Abul Kalam Abdul Momen told reporters at his office in Dhaka on Tuesday.

The minister’s statement came following media reports that Bangladesh stopped or restricted issuing visa to the Pakistani nationals. He said his office will send a clarification in this matter.

To a question whether officers working for Bangladesh mission in Pakistan was denied visa, the minister replied in the affirmative.  

“It is correct; some of our officers are not given visa, especially those working for the consular section – those who issue visa. Therefore, who will work,” Momen said hoping that the problem would be resolved soon.

He said Bangladesh has been working on it.

The diplomatic row between Bangladesh and Pakistan began after Pakistani foreign ministry reacted over execution of Bangladeshi war criminals, who were the collaborator of Pakistani soldiers during the Bangladesh’s 1971 war of liberation, a few years ago.

But it intensified when Dhaka refused to accept the nomination of a new high commissioner to Bangladesh in 2018. Saqlain Syedah was named as Pakistan High Commissioner in Dhaka.

Dhaka asked for an alternative six months later and Islamabad remained silent.

When asked, Abdul Momen said Pakistan will naturally give another person. That is the norm. “Once they send someone we will consider,” he added.