World must not turn away from Rohingya crisis, says Jolie
February 7th, 2019 at 8:01 pm
World must not turn away from Rohingya crisis, says Jolie

Dhaka – Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has called for constant support for Rohingya Muslims sheltered in overcrowded Bangladeshi camps after they fled a brutal military crackdown in Myanmar more than a year ago, UN refugee agency said on Thursday.

“The world must not turn away from the nearly one million Rohingya refugees who have fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh,” Jolie, a special envoy of the UNHCR, said wrapping up her three-day Bangladesh visit.

The call came ahead of a planned funding appeal next week by United Nations High Commission for Refugee to raise more than 920 million dollars to feed the Rohingya Muslims and the affected local communities in 2019.

The US actress also asked Myanmar to take necessary steps to end displacement and statelessness as she talked to a number of women, children and elderly people in the refugee camps in the south-eastern Bangladeshi district of Cox’s Bazar bordering Myanmar.

Jolie emphasized urgent expansion of educational opportunities for children living in the camps saying the future of a generation of Rohingya children would be at risk without schooling.

Nearly half of more than 730,000 Rohingya Muslims crossed into Bangladesh after the August 2017 military crackdown in Myanmar are children, according to the UNICEF counts.

The UN envoy urged efforts to ensure the children’s access to formal education that leads to recognized qualifications

During her visit in Bangladesh that ended Wednesday, Jolie met with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Foreign Minister Abul Kalam Abdul Momen to express UNHCR’s gratitude to the government for hosting the refugees. by Nazrul Islam in Dhaka