‘BNP itself blamed for election debacle as it traded nominations’
January 10th, 2019 at 7:20 pm
‘BNP itself blamed for election debacle as it traded nominations’

Dhaka – Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has blamed the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) of former prime minister Khaleda Zia for the debacle it faced in the last month’s parliamentary election.

“How they win the election when the party nominations are put on auction,” the prime minister said accusing the opposition party of indulging in nomination trade.

She also termed that the BNP as a party of criminals, terrorists and money launderers saying that the people have rejected them and voted the Awami League to sustain the pace of development.

Hasina was addressing a discussion in Dhaka marking the homecoming day of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the architect of independent Bangladesh.

In December 30, 2018 parliamentary election, the ruling Awami League of prime minister Hasina won 259 out of 299 seats, which were up for voting, while the BNP secured only six seats.

The BNP alleged massive intimidation and vote rigging by the ruling party. The government tuned down the allegations.       

Hasina observed that the BNP indulged in nomination trade and put its nominations on auction. Many competent BNP candidates who had good prospects of winning the polls were left out of the election.

“How they expect that people will vote for them when they trade nominations,” Hasina raised the question saying the top leadership of the party is corrupt.

Bangabandhu returned to independent Bangladesh via London and New Delhi on January 10 in 1972 from Pakistan. He was arrested by the Pakistani occupation force soon after he announced Bangladesh’s independence early on March 26, 1971.

People from almost all strata joined the armed struggle to liberate the country and they came out victorious on December 16, 1971 prompting the Pakistani authorities to release Bangabandhu from jail.