Garment workers demonstrate to demand pay hike in Bangladesh
January 7th, 2019 at 1:07 pm
Garment workers demonstrate to demand pay hike in Bangladesh

Dhaka – Factory workers have demonstrated in Dhaka and adjoining areas Monday for the second consecutive day to demand rise in wages in garment sector, which contributes the lion shares to Bangladesh’s export earnings.

Several hundred workers took to the streets in Dhaka’s main airport road, Savar and Gazipur and shouted slogans demanding payment of arrears and hike in their wages.

Police dispersed the demonstrators as they blocked the roads in different places causing severe traffic congestion in the busy hours of the day. The workers also locked in chase and counter chase with the police.

The new wage structure for the garment workers are supposed to come into effect from December 2018 as the government and factory owners agreed to raise the minimum wage to Tk, 8,000 from Tk 5,300.

The workers and the trade unions have been asking for a rise to Tk 16,000 as minimum salary.

The workers on Sunday blocked the airport road for five hours to demand an yet another hike of the wages for a decent living. Police managed to send them back to the factory on that day.

Officer Mizanur Rahman said the workers blocked the road like that they did on Sunday. It seems they don’t actually know what they want; he said adding that the police were trying to send them back to their work places.

In Savar, police dispersed the demonstrators as more than hundred workers of two factories of Standard Group were agitating in Hemayetpur.