‘Nothing to worry about Digital Security Act’
October 3rd, 2018 at 6:30 pm
‘Nothing to worry about Digital Security Act’

Dhaka – Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday asked journalists not to worry about the recently-passed cyber security law as it has nothing to do with those who provide correct information.

“There is nothing to be concerned,” Hasina said addressing a news conference at her Gonobhaban residence in Dhaka.

“You will have to prove if you publish any information or news against anyone, otherwise you’ll have to face the punishment,” the Prime Minister said.

Senior journalists in Bangladesh has been expressing concern over a number of sections of  the law ever since it was passed by parliament on September 19 saying those section might hinder the freedom of expression.

They have been asking the government to revise some of the section of the law.

European Union and US embassy in Dhaka also came up with almost similar view on the Digital Security Law 2018.

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina addresses a press conference at her official residence in Dhaka on her recent visit to the United States – PMO

But the Prime Minister defended saying that many of the articles of the law are already in the code of criminal procedure. Addition is that if the crime is being committed using any digital device.

Hasina, while addressing the press conference organized on her just-concluded visit to the United States where she attended the 73rd United Nation General Assembly, said she also examined similar laws in other countries.

The Prime Minister referred to the journalists meeting with ministers over the issue and said that she saw who the persons demanded revision of the law.

“They have kept writings prepared one after another… to release them against me,” Hasina feared.

During her nearly two-hour press conference, Hasina responded to question related to the upcoming general election in December, possible political alliances and Rohingya crisis among others.

On Rohingya repatriation, she said the international community is mounting pressure on Myanmar so that the Rohingya can go back to their homes in Rakhine.

More than 700,000 Rohingya Muslims crossed into Bangladesh after Myanmar military launched a brutal crackdown on the minority Muslims in Rakhine in August 2017.  Bangladesh has been hosting yet another 400,000 Rohingya as they were driven out of their homes from time to time since 1990s.

The Prime Minister hoped that all political parties would join the next general election as the people want participatory polls.

“I hoped every political party will join the polls. If any political party refrains from the race, that is the choice of certain political quarter, I’ve nothing to do with that.”

Hasina also welcomed the newly formed political alliances by a civic group as she believes they would do politics for the people.

The Prime Minister visited the United States between September 21 and October 1.