Cabinet approves scrapping of quota in top public jobs
October 3rd, 2018 at 3:28 pm
Cabinet approves scrapping of quota in top public jobs

Dhaka – The government has approved a proposal to scrap the quota system in the Class I and Class II jobs in the civil service months after mass protest by the students and jobseekers across Bangladesh.

The approval came at the regular meeting of the cabinet headed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday as a panel of experts came up with the suggestions to put the existing quota off for the top level public jobs.

Cabinet Secretary M Shafiul Alam, who was head of the panel to review the existing quota system, disclosed the decision after the meeting at the secretariat.

Earlier on September 17, Alam told reporters that a seven-member panel recommended elimination of the quota in the higher level jobs of the public service.

Class I and Class II jobs in the government service are suggested to be filled based on merit, he said adding that a gazette notification is likely to be published after the approval of the suggestion by the council of ministers.

The government formed the committee on July 2 after students across Bangladesh protested the existing 56 per cent public jobs reserved for various sections of people, including the heirs of the freedom fighters.

Tens of thousands of students from public and private universities took to the streets in April this year demanding reforms in the quota system.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on April 11, amidst the mass protest, announced in parliament that there would be no quota.

Based on her announcement, a committee was assigned to look into the system to make it rational. The committee was initially asked to report back in 15 working days. But it was eventually allowed 90 working days to complete the task.