Crackdown on Dhaka transports to restore discipline, says minister   
April 16th, 2017 at 3:21 pm
Crackdown on Dhaka transports to restore discipline, says minister   

Dhaka – Bangladesh on Sunday launched a clampdown on so-called “seating-bus-service” in the capital Dhaka apparently to rid off indiscipline in the city’s road transports, officials said.

“The efforts will be continued until discipline restored on the transport sector,” Road and Bridge Affairs Minister Obaidul Quader told reporters as he personally visited some of the street points where the law enforcements carried out the operations.

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority has launched the operation that also includes removal of illegal bumpers on the vehicles in Dhaka.

“Discipline will be restored in the transport sector as per the law. None will be spared,” the minister said.

A section of transport operators have long been charging extra money from the city commuters in the name of “seating-bus-services” on different routes in absence of a lack of implementation of the laws.

The number of buses was seen very small plying on different routes for Sunday as the authorities deployed vigilance teams.

The mobile vigilance team headed by magistrates awarded jail terms to three drivers as they failed to produce drivers’ license, said a member of one of the teams.

Five executive magistrates from BRTA and adequate police members were assisting the teams.

The transport owners on April 4 announced “seating”, “gate-lock” “nonstop” and “special” services will be stopped city after April 15.