Court sentences death penalty for fugitive Idris in war crimes case   
December 5th, 2016 at 12:23 pm
Court sentences death penalty for fugitive Idris in war crimes case   

Dhaka – A special court on Monday sentenced a fugitive person to death for crimes committed during Bangladesh’s 1971 liberation war against Pakistan, officials said.

A three-member panel of judges of the International Crimes Tribunal headed by Anwarul Haque handed down the death penalty to Idris Ali Sardar, a resident in Shariatpur district, for his involvement in wartime crimes.

Sardar was given death penalty as allegations against him were proved beyond doubt, lawyer Ziad Al-Malum said.

The court kept the case pending for the verdict after the completion of arguments from both defence and prosecution on November 2.

Accused- Solaiman Mollah alias Soleman Moulvi and Idris Ali Sardar alias Gazi Idris- were charged with mass killing, murder, kidnapping, torture, looting and arson attack during the liberation war.

Advocate Gazi MH Tamim, who was appointed by the state, moved for Idris Ali while prosecutors Ziad Al-Malum, Rishikesh Saha and Rozina Sulnata Chomon stood for the state side.

67-year-old Idris Ali has been absconding after the case was filed against him.

13 witnesses have testified for the persecution before the ICT against the accused.

On May 2, 2016 the tribunal indicted the two local collaborators ( Razakars) in the case.

Of the accused, 84-year-old Sulaiman Mollah from Kashipur Muslimpara, died at Dhaka Medical College Hospital on October 25, 2016 of old-age complicacy.

The prosecution submitted the probe report on October 29, 2015 against seven collaborators (Razakars), including Solaiman and Idris, containing 852 pages before the special tribunal.

On 14 June, 2015, the tribunal served arrest warrants against the two collaborators (Razakars) in connection with a case sued for their crimes against humanity.

One freedom fighter Abdus Samad Talukdar lodged the case with Shariatpur Sadar police station against seven alleged local war criminals in 2010 who committed crimes against humanity and genocide committed during the 1971 liberation war.