EDITORIAL: Why should people suffer by cutting off internet, cable TV lines and protest?
October 13th, 2020 at 12:01 am
EDITORIAL: Why should people suffer by cutting off internet, cable TV lines and protest?

The decision to cut off overhead cable and internet lines is a welcome move to upgrade Dhaka city’s beauty, but at what cost and why should the subscribers suffer.

The two fathers of the capital city have undertaken the move to get rid of the ugly looking overhead cables, but the sudden move has put the subscribers in distress. From business to education or even health services has been hit and has turned into a bane.

Some are desperate and rushing for modems from mobile telephone operators which is an additional cost in these times of financial crunch brought on by COVID-19.

Our city father’s should immediately stop this action and find an amicable solution after discussing with all concerned.

What is worrying is the warning the cable and internet providers that from 18 October 20 they would switch off for three hours from 10 am daily to protest the move taken by the two city corporations.

We agree with them as the general people are suffering as both cable TV and internet have become a part of our lives and we cannot live without the two for a single second.

At the same, it is wrong to issue such a threat of switching off their services for such long hours daily because again the sufferers will be the general people.

Both the city corporations and the service providers must put their heads together first to ensure the general people do not suffer and fight it out over the table.

“Digital Bangladesh” cannot afford such decisions and we hope our lives will not be interrupted.

The city corporation should have provided an alternative before going a mission that hurts the city residents more than it uplifts capital Dhaka’s beauty.

We urge both sides to stop their anti-people action and not to hamper our lives.