‘Rapists must be dealt with provision of capital punishment’
October 7th, 2020 at 1:32 pm
‘Rapists must be dealt with provision of capital punishment’

by Our Correspondent in Dhaka; –

Hundreds of people joined the demonstrations against rape and sexual assaults in Bangladesh as the protest entered into its third day on Wednesday.

The activists, professionals and students paraded streets on Dhaka University campus asking the government to amend the law to have a provision that the rapists are dealt with capital punishment.

A senior minister, in response to question from reporters, said the government was considering amendment to the law. “Since it is a people’s demand to have a provision for capital punishment against rape, we will probably accept it,” Law and Justice Minister Anisul Huq said.

A group of protesters blocked a major intersection in Shahbag, adjacent to the university, causing severe traffic congestion in the city during the rush hour.

They demanded the rapists must be tried in special court for serving verdict in shortest possible time. They should be given exemplary punishment so that none other dare to do that.   

The protest began Monday after report that a gang had stripped and sexually assaulted a 37-year old woman in southern Noakhali district and shared a video of the crime on social media.

Police have arrested eight out of the nine suspects accused in a case filed by the victim since the footage went viral on social sites on Sunday night. The footage was, however, removed from the internet on the following day.

Bangladesh witnessed a rise in the reported rape incidents in the past couple of weeks despite the fact that the social scientists say many rape incidents remained unreported. In most cases, the perpetrators are influential.  

Non-governmental organization Ain o Salish Kendra reported that 975 women were raped in the first nine months of the year compared to a total of 1,413 in 2019.