Zero Tolerance
September 25th, 2020 at 6:57 pm
This campaign of Zero Tolerance will effective if some intruders within the party and corrupt bribe takers are given exemplary punishment.
Zero Tolerance

by Omer Selim Sher in Ottawa,

When I call my relatives and my so-called neutral friends in Bangladesh, I always hear “the country is not doing well and apprehension of tense situation.” They do not say why the country is not doing well.

Different people have different perceptions about “why country is not doing well.” Some say the country has been destroyed, some say it has been sold the to India again, and some say the country’s business is not going well. But I don’t know when the situation in the country was better than now.

If we talk about politics, public life was unbearable due to strikes and conflicts before 2009 and during 2013 elections. Now that situation has also changed and tranquility is prevailing with mega development going across the country.

The country’s production and exports have reached record levels. So, what’s wrong with the country? Bribery and corruption are rampant if one thinks the country is not doing well. But one should understand when mega projects are happening for development some sort of corruption will occur. Moreover, the seed of all these corruptions was implanted after 15 August 1975, our Awami League government has inherited those and trying to unmask all the corruptions. These aspects I will detail in another article soon.The development of any country is judged by some institutions.

According to those institutions, Bangladesh has advanced in all indicators. So why such a negative expression of people? Why are they saying the country is not doing well? If the reason is political then it is a matter of thought. What is the reason they see the country is in evil situation? There were no irregularities during COVID-19 or the floods. Those who tried to take advantage of COVID-19 or floods and make some irregularities by means of stealing or bribes are now in jail.

Corruption gang

If the success of the government is the failure of the opposition then there is nothing to say. It is not easy to accept such failure. Those who have tried to be a third party are also wearing face masks. If propaganda and conspiracy is politics, then there is no reason to be afraid!

There is one fear, of course that is “conspiracy” by the reactionaries. Often, we are hearing about this conspiracy. Conspiracies are going on against the government not only in the country but also abroad. Opposition leaders giving indication with warning constantly of another August 15incident. We have also been scared to see some campaigns recently of this kind.

The fear is who and which groups or people are involved in this conspiracy. It is time to find out if the party local and executive leaders are also involved. The sacrifices of the good members and the grassroot dedicated worker’s reputation will not tarnish image the main party. Those who are caught are all intruders.

These intruders have given birth to various misdeeds, and they defamed the AL party. Demands have been made to remove these identified persons from the party, and a cleansing operation is underway.  By this cleansing campaign, the intruders face will be unmasked. The fear is that they are powerful. Their comrades are also powerful. PM and President of AL party Sheikh Hasina has declared “Zero Tolerance” in a strong voice against these intruders and corruption. I don’t think there is any fear in the country if this campaign is active. This campaign of Zero Tolerance will effective if some intruders within the party and corrupt bribe takers are given exemplary punishment.

Omer Sher is a retired Professor of Economics at Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada and a researcher on politics in South Asia.