EDITORIAL: Is it wise to suspend operation of COVID-19 dedicated hospitals?
September 20th, 2020 at 12:01 am
EDITORIAL: Is it wise to suspend operation of COVID-19 dedicated hospitals?

Britain and a number of other countries are seeing a return of COVID-19 as new cases have started to increase once again and Prime Minister Boris Johnson has indicated that new two-week lockdown is on the cards to combat the fresh attack.

His sweeping plan includes families told not to mix, pubs and restaurants to be asked to close or early or go for takeaways.

Is Bangladesh out of such a danger and is it right to suspend operations of 22 dedicated COVID-19 hospitals?

The reasons for such a decision are number of new cases falling and high cost of maintaining these health facilities. The suspension might make those treating patients lose the momentum of taking care of serious cases.

Indeed, we have written earlier that measures to combat the virus taken on the order of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina deserves kudos as those helped the drop of new cases. In most villages and even major cities, it appears people have become resistant to coronavirus with no practice of social distancing or wearing masks.

It looks and feels good, yet can we be complacent. 

The winter season is not far away, even though Bangladesh’s real cold days are numbered, but in the countryside it sometimes becomes freezing especially the northern and north-eastern districts. Thus we must be alert and have preparations of a possible second wave of COVID-19.

We must not let our guards down with a fragile health sector and must be prepared to face any consequences until the vaccine is available.