EDITORIAL: Do not let the onions rot!
September 18th, 2020 at 12:07 am
EDITORIAL: Do not let the onions rot!

The Bangladesh government have taken strict measures to put a tab on rising onion prices which started to climb after an India suddenly slapped ban on the export of the popular cooking ingredient. Thank God for that or else we might have had to purchase onion for Taka 300 plus like last year.

The stockists have been blamed for the artificial following the Indian ban despite having enough to cater to the local needs and made good profit at the cost of peoples’ misery amid COVID-19 which has made many unemployed or facing a crash crunch.

In the meantime, at least 900 trucks are still waiting with sacks of onion in the India-Bangladesh awaiting green signal to enter this neighbouring country which faced a major shortfall last year and did not expect the same to happen this year.

Initially, officials blamed India for not keeping its promise to alert Dhaka officially before taking any major decision that affects Bangladesh. However we are happy to note that as a “true friend” New Delhi has taken steps to allow the trucks to carry on with their pre-set destination.

Although, the truckloads of onion have been stranded on the Indian side of the border for the past several days and could result in the rotting of the spice.

We hope by the time this editorial is published the trucks have started to enter Bangladesh instead of allowing the onion to rot. That will then be useless and good as the ban.

Let us not let the onions rot and make it more pungent for the people. The bilateral ties should not move on the right direction with the right decision.